About Nanoegg

Nanoegg began in 2006 as a start-up focused on dermatological research at the St. Marianna University of Medicine in Japan.  Our research and development goal is to find ways to deliver drugs effectively without injections.

Using learnings from our research and development, we launched our first skin care products in 2007 and offer our customers a range of products to help reduce visible signs of aging.

We have created gels that enhance skin homeostasis (self-healing) and have also developed proprietary nano-encapsulation technology. Our gels activate the skin so that they allow for better penetration of active ingredients into the skin. At the same time the gels stimulate the stratum corneum to enhance self-generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Our other technology encapsulates active ingredients with special coating to allow for more stability and sustained release, resulting in higher effectiveness of the ingredients.  I started the skin care business from the idea that these technologies could be used effectively in skin care products. 

In 2007, we launched the Marianna skin care line beginning with the Standard Nanocube Emulsion.   We launched our popular Horei line in 2010 and the Horei EX Serum is now our best selling product. 

We continue to work on our research by developing technology with the aim to enrich people’s quality of life.

Yoko Yamaguchi (Ph.D)

Head of R&D, CEO and Founder
Nanoegg Research Laboratories, Inc.





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